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Severe Storms a Threat for Monday in the Ohio Valley

If going from 30s and snow showers on Thursday to mid and upper 60s to near 70 on Sunday with strong southerly winds, one might wonder what is going on. Well, the answer is another strong storm system is bearing down on the region. A line of showers and embedded thunderstorms are moving through the [...]

“Indian Summer” Gone, Fall Storminess Returns

Hopefully many went out and enjoyed the last 10 days of mostly dry, mostly sunny, and pleasantly warm temperatures because that time is all but over. Temperatures for the next 5 days will not be too bad but after Monday any sustained warm temperatures seem to be over for the 2011 season. A cold front [...]

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Gorgeous Weather Continues But For How Long?

As advertised last week, while the region was socked in with clouds and on and off rain showers, light was at the end of the tunnel. By late Saturday in the west and early Tuesday if the far east, that light had stretched across the region in the form of brilliant sunshine. That trend will [...]

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Cloudy, Cool, and Wet Turns Sunny and Cool Then Mild

The stagnant weather pattern that most of the region has been in since the beginning of last week is about to pull a 180 degree turn in the next couple of days. With constant threats of rain and cool temperatures expect sunshine and mild conditions starting next week. The slow, broad cut off low that [...]

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Severe Threat Tonight, Refreshing Weekend

Today has gone all out trying to make sure summer is still in place across the Ohio Valley region. With temperatures in the upper 80s to mid 90s and surging humidity, it feels like a steam bath outside. The problem with this being late August and cooler air beginning to make en roads across Canada [...]

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Wet Weekend and Quite Cool Early Next Week

The dreaded and sometimes over dramatized heat that had gripped the Ohio Valley region for the last four weeks has left town and has ushered in some delightful weather. Temperatures ranging from the middle 70s to lower 80s will be common place the next three days before a storm system, much more associated with fall [...]

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Summer Continues to Look Stormy and Cool

MCS Train to Continue With Thunderstorms Sunday-Tuesday As addressed all Spring and Summer long the Ohio Valley was going to be in the battle zone between hot and dry conditions to the southwest and cool and wet weather across the north. That pattern has not changed and a change does not seem to becoming any [...]

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Stalemate Continues Across Ohio Valley

The battle between scorching heat over the southern Plains and cool air from Canada continue to settle across the Ohio Valley. Record heat in Texas and hot conditions all across the Plains remain locked to the southwest as a trough off to the northeast of the region refuses to budge. In between the result is [...]

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Heat About to Break, Storminess Ahead

The weather over the Ohio Valley the last 10 days has been quite warm but the humidity with all the rain the area received from March through mid May made it feel pretty rough at times. Most are probably getting worried that another hot and dry summer is in store for the area but that [...]

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Cool Weather Leaves but Wet Weather Remains

Current Surface Map: Courtesy of The Weather Channel The unseasonably cool weather the Ohio Valley and Midwest experienced last week is exiting but the threat of daily shower and thunderstorm threats will continue. While Friday was dry, places in the region are already getting wet again. Hopefully you got to enjoy Friday because the storm [...]

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