More Garbage From Supposed Global Warming

I cannot sit back and be quiet any longer.  Most know I am a huge Anti-Global Warming believer but recent events continue to boggle my mind. For over 15 years, starting from junior high school, through high school, and into college I spoke out against global warming.  Lately though the insisted push that Anthropocentric Global Warming is happening and the stories that come out are plum ridiculous.  Does anyone sit back and take a good look at what the agendas are implying in the articles or the reports you read?  It is absurd.  Ice was supposed to be gone in the Arctic Circle by 2010 but that time passed.  Then it was 2013, we are not there yet but that date will pass.  Just recently now the ice will be gone by 2030.  That gives them 20 years to come up with another lie or come up with a new theory to keep the AGW support strong.  The pole was ice free before, so what makes it different this go around?

A hot issue lately is “saving the polar bears”.  I am all for protecting animal and wildlife and I fully support programs that help clean up our air but the focal point has been that polar bear population is declining rapidly.  Yet the contrary speaks otherwise.  The polar bear population is the highest it has been since the 1970s.  While the cute, cuddly bears you see on the Coca-Cola can are doing fine warmists say the polar bears are perishing and they are so forlorn.  Yet another way to play on the “good hearts” of good people.  It was so bad, a nation TWEET POLAR BEAR DAY was in effect last Friday or Saturday.  Now if this was for the true reason I would have been more accepting but it is another way to pump money into a program that is a complete waste and the money goes to the wrong things.

Just today, thanks to Anthony Watts and his great site, this story comes out because mainstream media would cover up the complete garbage of why a computer gets confiscated by British Police:

Read it, digest it, the re-read it again.  This is about the most pathetic thing possible.  Lets take a computer away because you are in disagreement with what the “big wigs” want to promote.  Now is that in any way how to act?  Instead of sitting down, debating (which an enormous amount of anti-Global Warming supporters have gone out of their way to do only to be rejected), and then making a decision; no, a computer gets taken away.  Why don’t you send him to time out and tell him to think about what he did?  Oh yeah, he exposed the truth and hypocrisy of what is really going on behind the scenes.

Joe Bastardi took the time to explain what I have been trying to explain for years only more elaborate and detailed:

Now I am a small man with big dreams but if you do not listen to me, maybe this will help explain the lunacy of how people try to promote Global Warming through CO2.  A warmer earth would actually be better than a cold one.   More CO2 means better plant life, better wildlife, and overall better means of general life.   CO2 only makes up roughly .04% (I even rounded up) and that is the cause for this warming.  Please!  And for those who have trouble figuring percentages out it is not 4%, it is not even half a percent.  It is .00039.  You cannot make me believe that that small of a gas is causing this much “supposed” warming unless the people behind the scenes are tampering with the evidence.  Oh wait, ClimateGate and CimateGate 2.0 has come out exposing they did exactly that, whoops!

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

When did science become political?  I choose this field back in the middle 1980s because I was so curious of how weather worked.  The unknown, the unfathomable, the element of surprise, the experiments, and the fun to try to figure it out.  Now it is becoming a politically driven field and it is an absolute shame.  Man cannot control nature, never can, never will.  They try to base information heavily based on the start of the Satellite Era that began in 1979 when most signals were stacked for warmth.  Over the last 30 years, several thousand station plots have been eliminated across the globe and we are stuck with a recording station placed at an airport, near the tarmac, and that is our recording station.  Some argue well 80-85% of people live in a suburban or metropolitan area so the temperature is more indicative of what is happening.  BULL.  I guess the 15-20% that live in the wild country, which still accounts for 70 to 75% of the total land in the United Sates does not count.  I guess on a clear winter night with snow covering the ground in the middle of peaceful Iowa town a temperature dropping to near 40 below zero does not count, but the station where snow has been cleared off, more heat is produced and only a temperature drop to -25 counts. How insulting.

If you do not believe a word I am saying then do your research and delve deep into the facts.  The sun strengthens and weakens.  It has done it in the past and will do so again.  Right now we are in a weakening state of the sun, possibly to the extent of a Maunder Minimum, and if one takes the time to actually crack a book and get out from behind the media limelight of lies, one will see it was cold and nasty.  Better yet, if you go even farther back then that, there were long periods of time where the Earth was much warmer than what is even now occurring.  What did the people or animals do back then?  Did Dino Al threaten to take all the dinosaur privileges away if they did not eat enough trees and shrubs.  That must be why CO2 went down significantly with that threat?  Or maybe the Sun weakened, the pressure belts on Earth changed, and mass cooling happened and CO2 dropped in accordance with the temperatures, but no we are just going to go back to less than one-one billionth of the existence of this planet or around one-one millionth of the time where data has been shown to approximate and suggest what the earth was like back ago.  So let’s throw that information in the toilet and focus on a mere 34 years of at best “questionable” tactics done in the scientific field of climate and meteorology to come up with these conclusions to be exactly correct.  Or is it the fact that trillions and trillions of dollars are changing hands between the FCC and other government agencies, their politicians and their views so they can sit back and enjoy the luxuries of taking advantage of the little guy, such as you and I.

Think about it long and hard.  The results may scare you.  I just have scratched the surface because there is so much more information and details behind a small rant.  Let science run its course.  If you just sit back like blind sheep and take everything for granted then you have no stand in this fight.  For all the young boys and girls, who are being force fed to believe this and he or she has to accept it as immaculate truth, is at a great disservice.  As I state, if you do not believe me, that is fine, but let science stand alone from politics and please allow for more than 34 years of prophetic claims and apocalyptic agendas based on a 4.6 billion year old planet.

One last thing, Congratulations Canada for seeing the light as they forego the Kyoto Protocol!

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By Josh Ketchen

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