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Dramatic Storms Take Toll on Southeast and Myself

  Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Courtesy of Dusty Compton, AP 3 days since the historic outbreak where over 320 people lost their lives a loss for words are still present. Thousands of pictures, videos, and news reports still do not do what happened across Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia, so much so that I became ill [...]

Fukushima Farm Animals Left to Die


  The situation grows more desperate by the day, as animals left alone in the no-go area around the Fukushima nuclear power plant, continue to die in droves. While farmers are working anxiously to try to make arrangements to move their animals to a safe area, they are now hampered by the extension of the [...]

Ants Create Life Raft, Teach Us All a Lesson on Surviving


Next time you are walking down the sidewalk and see a huge mass of ants, stop and take a minute and observe these tiny little creatures. They are truly amazing at what they do in life . They work 24 hrs a day at doing the one thing they know best.-to survive! If only the [...]

Fukushima Radiation Levels Now Highest Recorded


Bloomberg reports in an article originally titled “Tokyo Water Radiation Falls To Zero For First Time Since-Crisis”.  Is this entirely true?  Reports coming from Japan suggest , the situation has become more dangerous.   Measurements from the Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan  have risen to the highest since the earthquake .  With levels reaching  1.2 sieverts, [...]

Horrific Tornado Rips Through Tuscaloosa

With reports of over 30 people dead due to this devastating development in the south east. The Governor of Alabama has declared a state of emergency.  Over 20 tornadoes have been spotted and more are likely as this moves east. In Alabama, where 20 tornadoes have been reported, the governor declared a state of emergency. [...]

High Levels of Plutonium, Uranium Found in the United States


The articles below have been translated and may not be accurate.  I have included a link to the source so you can decide . According to resources ,California as well as Hawaii have experienced a drastic increase in Plutonium and uranium.  Since 1992 measurements of these elements have risen as much as 43 times in [...]

Serious Threat of Storms Tomorrow, Showers Thursday

Courtesy The Storm Prediction Center The stalled out front that has been plaguing the Ohio Valley over the last several days is getting a kick from deepening low pressure over Oklahoma tonight. As this low moves northeast into the Ohio Valley on Wednesday, heavy rain, strong winds, and some severe storms will hit the region. [...]

Idaho Iodine Levels Skyrocket


  As you can see in the chart below, Boise Idaho iodine levels are at the highest levels tested in more than 300 cities nationwide. With Iodine levels in the rain water reaching over 14000% above EPA Limits.   We have seen levels reach over 1000% in areas such as San Fransisco and Oregon but [...]

Radiation Problems In the U.S, Milk 2612% Above EPA Limits


Weeks have gone by now since the devastating Earthquake hit Japan, but the effects are still being felt worldwide.   Turn on your national news and you will see very little on what’s going on in the United States but do a Google search on this subject and you will find many stories from normal everyday [...]

Rain and Severe Storms Continue for the Region

Coney Island, Courtesy of A wet weekend has come and gone but the rain and storms have not. A perfectly placed stationary front continues to oscillate over the Ohio Valley sending waves of showers and thunderstorms with it. 2 to as much as 5 inches of rain has fallen in many places leading to [...]

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