Solar Flare Strength + Lunar Blocking of Solar Wind = Massive Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Bitter Cold

The Japanese Disaster of March, 2011; Courtesy of

While my knowledge is far from superior on this matter from the readings and research I have done of Piers Corbyn’s work, Astrophysicist and Meteorologist from and Joe Bastardi from, both are very confident on increasing geological events. Corbyn is so confident he is warning of a large, substantial earthquake and potential volcanic eruption taking place in the next few days. As a relative novice, I have been promoting for nearly 3 years a stronger signal for greater earthquakes and more active volcanoes but I needed a strong foundation to support my ideas. Again, my relative lack of knowledge has kept me searching for answers and researching for potential factors that have led me to this theory. In addition to reading many reports from many sources, especially Corbyn and Bastardi.

Eyjafjallajškull volcano, Iceland; Courtesy of

The volcanoes are focused more in the Arctic regions and the earthquakes speak for themselves. Some proclaim that earthquakes happen all the time across the Pacific Rim and they would be correct but the strength is what matters. As some know, the sun is the chief driver of weather and geological processes on Earth. Fluctuations of solar intensity and solar wind can really throw the magnetism out of whack creating a stronger tendency for powerful quakes. The Haitian earthquake early in 2010, which at the beginning was probably ignored as just another earthquake, might have been the beginning signal of this pattern. Look at the Chilean temblor, then the catastrophic Japanese jolt, and now over in the area of New Zealand with several powerful 6 and 7 Richter scale shakers; this is not normal. I do not see this type of pattern ending anytime soon.

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The sun has been relatively quiet over the last few years but the sun still makes sure we know it is ruler of all universe but the scary thing is I believe it is on its last legs before going dormant for several decades. Many scientists, especially Russian scientists, have predicted for nearly 4 decades that the sun would likely go quiet in the 2010-2020 time frame. Some have even pushed this time up to 2015. When that happens the lack of magnetic balance will likely increase earthquakes even further. At the same time, this should enhance volcanic activity, as well. A lot of eerie and potentially catastrophic processes are pending over the next handful of years but the ironic part of all of this, it has all happened before and will happen again long after we are gone. This is not some new geological event but the next cycle of ramped up activity.

I will state this again, I am far from an expert and my comprehension and knowledge of this concept is novice at best but the more and more I read into these processes, the more confident I am that this will happen. The earthquake scenario is off to one hellish start and the handful of Icelandic volcanic eruptions that pretty much shut down western Europe for several weeks helps strengthen my theory. I have to give credit to Piers Corbyn and Joe Bastardi because I have taken their superior knowledge on the matter and have spent hundreds of hours over the last couple years trying to learn why. I have a long way to go but I understand enough that I would post my first article on the matter to spread the word.

Vast Icy Plains Becoming the Norm(?); Courtesy of

And I have not even talked much about how many of these signs are setting up for much colder weather in the future and I am not just talking about winter.

By Weather Specialist Josh Ketchen

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