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Cool and Unsettled Weather to Continue.

Another weak disturbance will rotate through the region Tuesday into the first half of Wednesday bringing with it a chance of light rain or light snow showers. Temperatures will also stay on the chilly side for the next several days. A rather dominant trough is hanging over the eastern half of the United States funneling [...]

Spring Storms Exit Leaving Behind Cold and Possibly Snow?

  Spring Storms Exit Leaving Behind Cold and Possibly Snow? By Weather Specialist Josh Ketchen A nice stretch of Spring like temperatures left most of the Whitewater and Ohio Valley’s thinking it is time for mowing the lawn, planting flowers, bringing out the shorts, and all the pleasant thoughts of Spring has to offer but [...]

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Spring Tease in Effect Before Winters Last Stand Comes Calling

  Spring Tease in Effect Before Winter’s Last Stand Comes Calling by Weather Specialist Josh Ketchen   Enjoy the next 5 days because changes are coming to ruin this stretch of mild weather.  Cold air is building in northwest and north central Canada, as a late season cold shot is poised to take aim on [...]

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Japan has Worst Earthquake in History 8.9 30ft Wave heading for West Coast?

  TOKYO - A powerful tsunami spawned by the largest earthquake in Japan’s recorded history slammed the eastern coast Friday, sweeping away boats, cars, homes and people as widespread fires burned out of control. Authorities said at least 32 people were killed. The magnitude 8.9 offshore quake was followed by at least 19 aftershocks, most [...]

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Now Everyone Can Play Angry Birds Thanks To Facebook.

    Chalk up another major move for Facebook.  If you do not know what “Angry Birds” is, then you must have an old cellphone from the 90′s or haven’t turned on the television this year.  Angry Birds is a game  established first on the iphone , and has now migrated to the the android [...]

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Rainy and Cooler for Midweek

Rainy and Cooler for Midweek by Weather Specialist Josh Ketchen Another week and another rain storm is taking shape to affect the Ohio Valley late Tuesday through midday Thursday.  The scenario though is each storm is bringing in slightly colder air down from Canada.  This storm will be no different.  An initial slight warming Tuesday [...]

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Is The Ogallala Aquifer Drying Up?

There is not much to be happy about these days in Happy, Texas. Main Street is shuttered but for the Happy National Bank, slowly but inexorably disappearing into a High Plains wind that turns all to dust. The old Picture House, the cinema, has closed. Tumbleweed rolls into the still corners behind the grain elevators, [...]

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Mazda Recalls 65,000 Cars due To Spiders?

This isn’t something you see everyday.  Little yellow spiders, yes spiders have generated a massive recall on Mazda vehicles.  The Japanese car maker is recalling more than 65,000 cars over concerns that spider have spun webs in car vents. The recall includes 50,000 cars in the States and 15,000 in Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The [...]

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Rain Today, Flooding Tomorrow?

  Rain Today, Flooding Tomorrow? By Weather Specialist Josh Ketchen   A complex storm system is taking shape over the Inner mountain West early Friday morning.  As it begins to come east, abundant Gulf of Mexico moisture will be pulled up in front of the low.  This system is a rather methodical mover as it [...]

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iPad 2 To Be Sold at Walmart?

  For all you tech nerds out there ,it looks like you won’t have to wait in a long line at your apple store to get the new Ipad 2.  Bestbuy and Walmart expect to join Apple to help them launch this wonderful piece of technology.  There are also rumors of Sams Club and possibly [...]

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