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Global Cooling Running Strong, Despite Heat Across United States

Global Temperature from 1979 to Late 2010; Courtesy of University of Alabama-Huntsville By now everyone knows that Anthropogenic Global Warming, to me, is political garbage. Natural processes across the billions of yeas on Earth see warm episodes and cold episodes that balance out over time. However, with the heat that has gripped a good chunk [...]

Global Cooling Evidence Continues to Grow (Literally)

For the last couple of months I have felt that it is a duty to steer serious readers and serious people in the right direction of what is really going on in the climate across the globe. As stated, this is not a writing to demand that a person switches sides or follows blindly what [...]

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American Astronomical Society Joins the Dark Side

Umbral Intensity and Umbral Magnetic Field; Courtesy of Penn and Livingston via http://wattsupwiththat.com/ Based on the charts above the way things are going, sunspots could disappear altogether in the next handful of years. When you look at the bottom chart with the B Gauss, when levels drop below 1500 sunspots will all but disappear. What [...]

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Global Warming Equals Political, Real World Equals Cooling

Courtesy of modernsurvivalblog.com I am on the soapbox tonight as I have had enough of this global warming garbage that has been force fed down many throats in America the last several years. While Global Warming is a natural occurrence in cycles, this political crack pot scheme that the reason the weather is more extreme [...]

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