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High Levels of Plutonium, Uranium Found in the United States


The articles below have been translated and may not be accurate.  I have included a link to the source so you can decide . According to resources ,California as well as Hawaii have experienced a drastic increase in Plutonium and uranium.  Since 1992 measurements of these elements have risen as much as 43 times in [...]

Idaho Iodine Levels Skyrocket


  As you can see in the chart below, Boise Idaho iodine levels are at the highest levels tested in more than 300 cities nationwide. With Iodine levels in the rain water reaching over 14000% above EPA Limits.   We have seen levels reach over 1000% in areas such as San Fransisco and Oregon but [...]

Radiation Problems In the U.S, Milk 2612% Above EPA Limits


Weeks have gone by now since the devastating Earthquake hit Japan, but the effects are still being felt worldwide.   Turn on your national news and you will see very little on what’s going on in the United States but do a Google search on this subject and you will find many stories from normal everyday [...]

Your Next Plastic Drinking Cup Could Be Made From Chicken Feathers


We all know how valuable chickens are to us in life, but they now have another use.  Chickens are truly amazing. We consume their eggs,meat and make nuggets with the left over parts but it appears the one thing that we have been wasting now has a use.  The feathers, which were mainly thrown out [...]

Genetically Modified Cows Producing ‘Human’ Milk?


  I don’t know about you but this just sounds wrong but intriguing.  It’s amazing what scientists can do lately! Scientists have successfully introduced human genes into 300 dairy cows to produce milk with the same properties as human breast milk. Human milk contains high quantities of key nutrients that can help to boost the [...]

Maple Syrup The Next Super Food?

  Let me start off first by saying.  When I say Maple Syrup, I don’t mean the type that you buy for a couple of dollars at your local supermarket.  I mean the kind that comes directly from mother nature herself.  Growing up on a small farm and experimenting with tapping trees,  I know how [...]

Mazda Recalls 65,000 Cars due To Spiders?

This isn’t something you see everyday.  Little yellow spiders, yes spiders have generated a massive recall on Mazda vehicles.  The Japanese car maker is recalling more than 65,000 cars over concerns that spider have spun webs in car vents. The recall includes 50,000 cars in the States and 15,000 in Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The [...]

Got Cancer? Yes There’s an App For That. Well at Least There May Be.

    Might doctors soon be able to detect cancer faster and more accurately with their smartphones? Thanks to researchers based at Massachusetts General Hospital, it appears to be a distinct possibility. According to a research article published in February’s Science Translational Medicine journal, scientists have developed a quantitative micro-nuclear magnetic resonance system (NMR) that [...]

Earthquake Rocks Arkansas.

  The U.S. Geological Survey recorded the quake at 11 p.m. Sunday, centered just northeast of Greenbrier, about 40 miles north of Little Rock. It was the largest of more than 800 quakes to strike the area since September in what is now being called the Guy-Greenbrier earthquake swarm. The activity has garnered national attention [...]

New Diesel Fuel Made With Sun,Water, Co2 and One Special Little Organism.

  I’m sure the oil cartel is not happy about the discovery of this potential diesel fuel. This will be interesting to see where this leads. I am sure it won’t go too far, as this would hurt the oil industry. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts biotechnology company says it can produce the fuel [...]

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